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Enjoy the ideal climate throughout the year with our professional ducted air conditioning installation service. Ducted Aircon Sydney has been heating and cooling homes for over 10 years, we are the right choose whether its a new or replacement ducted system.

We stand behind our service 100% and our experts are always on standby to help you through the entire process or answer any questions you may have before or after the installation. Our installation warranties are some of the best in the local market.

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Our Proven Installation Process

Installing ducted air conditioning can be a tricky process. That's why you should always leave it to the professionals that have the right process to ensure a great ducted aircon installation in Sydney.


Free Onsite Inspection and Quote

Our technician will start with a detailed inspection of your property to ascertain the most suitable location for the outdoor unit, internal outlet/vents, and ducts. We will then write up a full detailed quotation on the best or multiple solutions for you to consider. This is done on the spot, whilst we explain it thoroughly and email it through to you.



On the installation day, the technicians will begin by explaining the entire process with you. We then start by creating a hole in your ceiling for the air intake. This is what will take air to the unit to be cooled or heated. The specific size of the vent will depend on the type of air conditioner you choose. Next is to position and install the indoor unit, outdoor unit, ductwork and pipework to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.


Final Setup and Commission

Once everything is set, including the ducts and other equipment, we will create holes in every room for the outlets to deliver cool air. Then fit the outlets to each hole and install the ducts inside the roof to supply air to the outlets. After that, we will install the primary control for the entire system in a strategic location inside your house. Finally, we power up the system and commission to ensure everything is working properly. And boom, you are ready to go!


Post Customer Service

We love to hear from our customers and nothing is more satisfying then getting great feed back on our team. We are always available to help your with general help or advise on your new system. You can also rest assure if there are any problems what so ever we will attend to it as a matter of top priority and urgency.

5 year installation warranty, nothing more to pay.
No upfront costs or lock in contracts required.

Why Get a ducted air con Installation?


Easy and convenient home solution

No more moving around every room whenever you want to switch on /off your air conditioning unit. It is a complete property/home solution allowing users to cool by merely pressing a button. Most units also come with a timer, allowing you to switch on the unit at specific times or switch off after a certain period.


Zones for versatility

Zoning is a common feature that lets you enjoy conditioned air only in the rooms people are in and don't waste air in places that are not in use. All you have to do is turn off the unsure zones and turn on the zones being used on the central control.


Harmonious Appearance

The conditioning vents and ducts are all positioned and installed in the roof or under the floor with only the control panel and ceiling/floor outlets on display inside the house, making the unit discreet and easy on the eye. It looks modern and classy.


Limited Noise

Less noise means a smooth and comfortable night sleep without the weird sounds. There is no humming that comes with the standard split system units.


Value for Money

For bigger properties and homes, the cost of installing a split unit per room does not compare to a ducted air conditioning unit. It is way cheaper. Similarly, the maintenance and installation costs over several rooms make it an economical option. And don't forget the value it adds to the property for re-selling.

The cost of installing Ducted Air Conditioning

Various aspects go into ascertaining the actual cost of installing a ducted system. So it is a bit challenging to quote a specific amount without inspecting your property.

Nonetheless, your price will first be calculated by via our pricing system and vary depending on brand, size, the larger the unit, generally the higher the cost. Secondly, the complexity of the installation will also be a factor and any additional add-ons ie. zones or WIFI controllers.

To determine a ducted air conditioning installation cost it is always best to arrange for a qualified and experienced technician to perform and onsite assessment and quote so we can ensure you have the best system to suit your specific needs.

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