Top 7 Reasons Why People in Sydney are Choosing Ducted Aircon Installation 

Is the blazing hot weather of Sydney making you all sweaty and go crazy? Well, if your answer is yes, then setting up an air conditioner should be on the top of your to-do list. As you make your decision to buy a good quality aircon for your home, next comes the most important and trickiest question of all – ducted air conditioning or ductless (split) air conditioning. Even though each of them has its benefits and drawbacks, the ducted aircon always wins over the split one because of its durability, efficiency, and ease of use. Still not confident? Read this blog to learn about various reasons why you must opt for a ducted aircon installation in Sydney over a split air conditioning setup.


Why Choose Ducted Aircon Installation?


1.   Aesthetics: One of the best features of a ducted aircon system is that it’s invisible to a great extent. The only thing you’ll notice is undistinguished vents on the roof. With respect to ducted aircon installation, you won’t be requiring a hefty wall unit or split system, which means they are the best choice for people who prefer their home to be a lot more visually appealing. 


2.   Better Control: Another great benefit of installing a ducted aircon system in your Sydney home is the amount of control you get. These control systems not just cool your entire home, but some of them also enable you to manage the individual temperatures of every room. This will help you save on electricity, and the feature of customising the temperatures in diverse parts of the house makes them an ideal option for families that respond differently to temperature variations. 


Thus, if you’re looking for a versatile cooling system that can keep the air distribution even in every part of your home, a ducted air conditioning system is your answer. 


3.   Efficient and Cost Saving: One fact that many of us don’t realise about ducted aircon systems is that they are quite energy-efficient and can help you save money. If you have a larger area that requires two or more split systems, then the ducted aircon setup will usually prove to be a lot cheaper option. A split system can only cool one area at a time, and it gets quite complicated when you expect the system to cool multiple rooms at one time. It will add to the running costs as well. Thus, without a doubt, ducted air conditioning is a less expensive system to operate. 


Zoning, a common feature of ducted air conditioners, enables you to turn off zones that are not being utilised. Such kind of customisability is perfect for reducing costs while also lessening the footprint on the atmosphere.


4.   Comfort: One of the most significant issues with window or wall air conditioners is the persistent drone. Many people do not find it comfortable to sleep through that noise; however, this isn’t a problem with ducted air conditioning units as they are almost silent when functioning. 


5.   Convenience: Ducted aircon systems work on the “set and forget” mode. All you need to do is press a button to turn the aircon on. There are distinct buttons that allow you to set a preferred temperature and airflow. Furthermore, nowadays, ducted aircon setups come with a mobile application for your smartphone or tablets with Android and iOS capabilities. The app functions perfectly as a remote control so you can modify the temperature from any place you want.


6.   Better Property Value: Ducted air conditioner are perfect from a financial aspect in case you are planning to put your house on sale. Even though these air conditioners are more economical as compared to others, nevertheless, they are still considered as a luxury item by most people. For this reason, they make your house a much more lucrative choice for investing than some other property without them.


7.   Health Benefits: There are numerous health benefits provided by ducted aircon systems, such as the better air quality associated with temperature-controlled cooling as opposed to running fans. These units have filtration systems to take in all the dust particles as well as other polluting elements and, in return, provide you a clean and easy-to-breathe environment. They also help prevent chronic ailments like cough, sneezing, asthma, and many other respiratory disorders. 


To conclude, many people in Sydney are now finding the installation of ducted aircon systems very convenient, on account of the reasons mentioned above. Are you looking for an expert ducted aircon installation service in Sydney? Your search ends here! Contact our experts today or visit our website to get a quick quote on your new home comfort system.

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